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Here at Fan Source, we are a continuously growing community of football fans, both of the diehard and casual variety. We report, talk and debate about our favorite sports on a daily basis here – whether they lose or win, how awful a front office member or commish is, and several other topics.

With a drastic growth in our viewership, we are seeking fans to join our incredible contributing staff.

Are you a sports fan? Good, because we are looking for you!

About Our Roles

Journalist: Typically, site contributors write at least twice per week on topics of their choosing, although alternative arrangements can be worked out with the site manager. Journalists are assigned to a team or division and are expected to be fans or followers of their respective team/division. 

Editors: Editors are tasked with ensuring that the procedures for contributors are being followed properly and that they are developed, as well as proofing the site’s articles on a daily basis. Editors are expected to contribute to the site, in addition to their editorial duties, at least once per week. Editors will report directly to the site manager and may be asked to handle additional duties throughout the network. This role can be more time consuming than others and editorial experience/skills are recommended.

To apply for an opening, please complete the following form. Have questions about an opening? Please contact us.

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Here at Fan Source Network, we operate off of a beat-style system, so we aim to pair you with your favorite teams!